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[[ SAINTS SURROUNDED : boondock saints rpg ]] [21 Oct 2006|02:42am]

[ mood | silly ]

Yes, that's right. The so-called 'Saints of South Boston', who vanished from the media's - and Boston's - eyes and minds after the courtroom drama that made them common knowledge in the city, have returned.

This time, the Saints have settled themselves a little farther south - think
New York City. It's been close to two years since the incident in the courtroom, and no one thinks to attribute the growing number of gangster and mafia deaths to Boston's legendary Saints. After all, this is New York - not Boston. Why would the Saints be there?

Because it's difficult to do the kind of work they do with a media following. Because the knowledge that they exist is hardly call for them to kill publicly. Because fame is meaningless in the face of their tasks.

Or maybe they just wanted a change of scenery.

This game is the story of the people and places that the Saints encounter in New York. It's not just their story, though - it's also the story of the evil men that they kill, and the good men that they meet.

It's a story of people in a dangerous world, with black-winged guardian angels their only protection from the bullets and blades of those that lurk around the shadows.

Location: saintsurrounded
RP through/over: Journals, AIM (both required)
Mod Contact: adangerbeautiful [at] yahoo [dot] com

Looking For: Il Duce, Agent Paul Smecker, other canons, and original characters of all kinds!
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BDS fanvid [01 Sep 2006|03:59am]

[ mood | Blank ]

I just finished a fanvid for The Boondock Saints and I thought you guys might want to see!

Song: I Can't Believe
Artist: Stone Sour
Time: 4:59

You may want to read the lyrics before watching the video. (I found them a little difficult to understand the first time I heard the song)

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Ha ha ha oh man... [23 Jun 2006|03:16pm]

[ mood | amused ]

I guess I shouldn't be laughing at this. I am anyway.

(Not strictly BDS related, I guess; if it weren't for the film I'd have never heard of Kitty Genovese, though.)

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Tattoo [30 Apr 2006|09:25am]

Does anyone here have a BDS tattoo? I'd like having veritas and aequitas tattoed.
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Anything? [29 Apr 2006|12:09pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Has anyone heard any more info on Boondock Saints 2? I can't find much on it.

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[16 Apr 2006|07:31pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Some icons i made. Please comment and credit.
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
behind the cutCollapse )

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Icon [23 Mar 2006|11:46pm]

I do not know if this is the right place to post this, however i have decided to say it anyways. i want an icon, of rocco. i am not a particular rocco fan, however i was watching the movie(again) and i noticed that there was one scene that just stood out.

Papa joe walks in to the room to kill rocco, for a moment roccos face is shown all bloodied looking straight into the camera

i want that image of rocco with the words "Don Rocco" printed on the bottom.

if any one can help me i will be thankful
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[16 Oct 2005|04:34pm]

SistaSlash is a forum for writers by writers. It doesn't matter if you prefer gen, het, slash or femmeslash, if you write fanfiction or original, essays or poetry. As long as you love to write or read, you're welcome here.

So, what distinguishes us from the zillions of boards, archives etc. that are already out there? That's easy. We don't judge. Everyone is welcome here. You don't have to write for ONE Specific fandom, or even for a fandom at all. You're not bound to any genre. You don't have to watch your ratings. We're trying to take freedom of speech literally. We try to provide as much help as we can for new writers and for the oldies. In short: We try to create a place for EVERY writer.

Curious what you'll find? Then check us out...
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[24 Mar 2005|09:26pm]

I made a Boondock Saints group for myspace. So anyone who has a myspace account can join if they wish. Here is the link to the page for anyone who's interested.

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[17 Mar 2005|05:13pm]

beannachtaí na féile pádraig oraibh!

an bhfuil tú ar meisce fós?!

and all that good stuff!

(St. Patty's day blessing to you!)
(Are you drunk yet?)
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Hey [03 Mar 2005|11:09pm]

I'm kinda new to this community still. But I love the movie to death. I joined this community along with some others cuz I had just got done watching it 3 times in the 1 week period we had it for. Now I'm like obssessed with it. I made a wallpaper that I'm using for my background right now. It's smaller than I realized, 400x300, but I have it stretched on my background so it fits nicely. That's why some of the words are all weird. It works for me and I like it. And I feel like sharing it with people.

But I do have a few rules first. Sorry.
- comment if taking, or how you think about it
- if you use it please credit me, loserfetus13
- please don't hotlink

onto the pictureCollapse )
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Hello and Request? [31 Jan 2005|09:53pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Hi all. New to the community, not so much to the movie. A friend suggested it to me sometime last summer I believe and since then I've been hooked!

I was just wondering if anyone could do me a favor: I've been looking all over for a certain screen-shot but havn't been able to find one. After the boys kill the Russian mobsters in the hotel and it switches to black and white. Connor is praying and spreads his arms out wide. It should be easy to find somewhere on the internet, but I've had no such luck! Plan on making icon/and-or/desktop with it.

If anyone could direct me to a site or hook me up somehow I'd be really grateful! Glad to be in the community =)

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hello [26 Jan 2005|07:03pm]

i just thought i would introduce myself, my name is Vanessa, and i'm from Ontario, Canada. I must have been living under a rock when the BDS movie came out, as i only learned it existed about a month ago when my hairdresser suggested i see it. and oh my good lord. i'm part irish, and catholic so it was love at first sight. i can't get enough of the movie...[and murph]. and while i've never been into slash or twincest, it's all i've been reading on the bds fanfic site on livejournal. i'm obsessed...cheers!
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[13 Jan 2005|09:40am]

has production of the sequal started yet? some places say it has, others say it hasnt.
does anyone have any information on this?
because ive heard that it is supposed to come out on all saints day of this year.
but if production hasnt started yet then it wont be.
anyone know anything?
please comment.
btw, im new, my name is lindsay.
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I heart the saints [03 Jan 2005|06:49pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Hey all. My name's Alicia, I'm 18, and I saw "The Boondock Saints," over Thanksgiving break and haven't been able to stop telling people about it. I showed the film to a few friends today and they loved it. Found it very quotable=)

"And we will send you to whatever god you wish."
"We could kill everyone!"
"Is it dead?"

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The spred of Boondock Saints [15 Dec 2004|12:39pm]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

Wow I find it most strange that there is a whole following for this movie. When I first saw it no one had even heard about it. Then a few years later I hear people quoting it in the halls. It just made me stop dead.
well I hope to have more things to contribute latter on.
Until the next time Catch you on the flip side.

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[03 Dec 2004|05:13pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Hello I am new to this community. I thought that I should say hi.
So I hope to have some thing more interesting to add in the future.
Catch you on the flip side.

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Screencaps from the BDS screentest [29 Nov 2004|09:33am]

I made about sixty screencaps from the Boondock Saints screentest, which is on the Japanese DVD.

These are all pics of Connor and Murphy together, including the infamous shirtless shots.

Things get a bit slashy, but it's worksafe.

First batch of The Brothers

Second batch of The Brothers

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[26 Nov 2004|12:10pm]

boondock saints are love
brought to you by the isLove Generator
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Boondock Saints Icon Community [28 Aug 2004|11:12pm]

i noticed that a lot of people have great Boondock icons but there wasn't really a place for them to share so i created this community.

sorry for the x-posting.
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