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[[ SAINTS SURROUNDED : boondock saints rpg ]]

Yes, that's right. The so-called 'Saints of South Boston', who vanished from the media's - and Boston's - eyes and minds after the courtroom drama that made them common knowledge in the city, have returned.

This time, the Saints have settled themselves a little farther south - think
New York City. It's been close to two years since the incident in the courtroom, and no one thinks to attribute the growing number of gangster and mafia deaths to Boston's legendary Saints. After all, this is New York - not Boston. Why would the Saints be there?

Because it's difficult to do the kind of work they do with a media following. Because the knowledge that they exist is hardly call for them to kill publicly. Because fame is meaningless in the face of their tasks.

Or maybe they just wanted a change of scenery.

This game is the story of the people and places that the Saints encounter in New York. It's not just their story, though - it's also the story of the evil men that they kill, and the good men that they meet.

It's a story of people in a dangerous world, with black-winged guardian angels their only protection from the bullets and blades of those that lurk around the shadows.

Location: saintsurrounded
RP through/over: Journals, AIM (both required)
Mod Contact: adangerbeautiful [at] yahoo [dot] com

Looking For: Il Duce, Agent Paul Smecker, other canons, and original characters of all kinds!
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