Forget the method, skip to the madness. (faryfly) wrote in spiritussancti,
Forget the method, skip to the madness.

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Hello and Request?

Hi all. New to the community, not so much to the movie. A friend suggested it to me sometime last summer I believe and since then I've been hooked!

I was just wondering if anyone could do me a favor: I've been looking all over for a certain screen-shot but havn't been able to find one. After the boys kill the Russian mobsters in the hotel and it switches to black and white. Connor is praying and spreads his arms out wide. It should be easy to find somewhere on the internet, but I've had no such luck! Plan on making icon/and-or/desktop with it.

If anyone could direct me to a site or hook me up somehow I'd be really grateful! Glad to be in the community =)
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